Less stress and the potential for way more money? It's a no brainer.

Success STAT

does the work for you  to help you land a remote nursing job and takes the time, stress and guesswork out of landing a remote job nursing job. 

🫴🏼 hands you the BEST job listings sourced daily from top remote employers, 

📝 writes the perfect resume for you for each job (just plug your info in), and

🤝 gives you a comprehensive interview preparation program with everything you need to ace your virtual interviews. 

BONUS: Salary negotiation tips from Jess McCalister, RN.

🙅🏻‍♀️No contract. No commitment. Cancel any time.


This is for RNs, LVNs, LPNs & APRNs in any state in the US.

with 1 year of clinical experience in ANY of these areas 


  • Med/surg, Telemetry, PCU 
  • ER or Urgent Care
  • Psych, behavioral health
  • OR, PACU, Pre/post-op
  • Ambulatory & procedural
  • Mother/baby, L&D, NICU
  • Peds
  • Outpatient, doctor's office
  • SNF/LTAC/Rehab/Assisted living
  • Home health, hospice
  • Current remote nurses

This membership includes:

🌱 Part time listings
🌱 Full time listings
🌱 Contract listings
🌱 Per diem listings


Important: You must have 1 year of clinical experience




1,000+ nurses

landed their dream remote job using SuccessSTAT. Will you be the next?


The best part? There's no commitment. You can cancel at any time. We want you to succeed.



Success STAT Membership

The membership that grants you access to the remote nursing jobs plus perfectly curated resumes for each from the leading authority in remote nursing career coaching without the expense of 1:1 mentorship.

Membership includes:

The Best Remote Jobs

Jess uses her knowledge of company reputation, hiring trends & insider insights when selecting the best remote jobs to post to the platform. You'll have access to the best remote nursing job listings  updated daily. Jess's makes it easy by telling you who should apply for each job based on experience.

The Perfect Resumes Written for You for Each Job

Each listing is paired with a fully customized, ATS optimized, plug-and-play resume highlighting your transferrable skills for that specific job ensuring you stand out. All you do is download the resume, plug your info in, make a few tweaks and apply.

Insider application tips

You'll have access to video tutorials detailing how to plug your info into the resumes (it's super quick & takes less than 5 mins!) and the best ways to respond to tricky application questions.

Interview Prep Course + Salary Negotiations

Nurses rave about Jess's proven technique for acing those tricky remote nursing interviews so you're the candidate who gets the offer. Membership includes both recruiter and hiring manager interview prep. You'll also have access to her proven method for negotiating the salary you deserve.

How can you write my resume without knowing my background and nursing history?


One size fits all resume templates don't work ❌ because the system that screens applicants  is programmed using the exact words in the job listing.


Your resume has to match the exact words  in the job listing by 75% or more.


There's no way a resume template can do that without a LOT of work on your end for every single job you apply to.


SUCCESS STAT is different.

We GIVE you a resume highlighting your transferrable skills with specific key words from each individual job listing already built in.

All you do is make a few modifications as they relate to your specific experience and patient population. i.e. If you're NICU, changing "educates patients" to "educates caregivers"

We all educate, collaborate, coordinate, assess, develop plans of care, document in an EMR, handle calls from family/patients, etc.

Jess focuses on your transferrable skills related to these duties we all perform as nurses and showcases you as the best candidate by drawing the connection between your relevant transferrable skills and the skills the job is looking for.

***Please note: This membership is not intended to provide individualized advice/suggestions. 











In as few as 14 days*, you could go from bedside to working from home

 *individual results will vary

This membership utilizes Jess's proven method that has helped hundreds of nurses leave their toxic hospital environments and step into their soft life era working from home.


  • Instead of preshift anxiety when you clock in, your mornings are easy and laid back. Simply wake up and log on to start your day.
  • The flexibility to take your kids to appointments, run errands and arrange your schedule for what fits you.
  • Eliminating your commute and using that time for household tasks, hobbies or simply sleeping more
  • Ending your day with energy left over for what's important to you.
  • Decreased stress, improved health and more peace that allows you to show up as the best version of yourself.
  • Endless opportunities for advancement and career growth without having to go back to school.

All of this is available to you, and this membership makes it possible.

even if you've tried other remote nursing courses and resume templates without success.

Remote nursing has exploded in popularity, meaning these jobs are hard to get...

Some jobs receive 10K applications 

  • In the last 2 years, the demand for remote nursing jobs has skyrocketed while the number of jobs open remained the same.
  • The truth is, there is no special skill set you need to land these jobs. Just 1 or more years of bedside nursing experience and the tools to apply the correct way.
  • 95% of companies use an ATS system to screen applicants & determine who gets called for an interview.
  • If your resume isn't ATS compatible with keywords from each specific job listing integrated, your chances of getting an interview are almost 0.
  • This is why remote nursing resume templates don't work--they aren't customized enough for each job to make it past the ATS.
  • Finding the right job, knowing which job you should apply for and creating these resumes can take hours for one single job.

Most nurses give up because it seems impossible

It doesn't have to be this way

With the Success STAT membership, Jess takes job listings from employers she KNOWS hire bedside nurses with no remote experience, translates the job listing into easy-to-understand language, provides her insights into who should apply, and creates a perfectly optimized resume for each job that's guaranteed to match the job at 80% or more*

 *according to JobScan.Co match rate percentage


Insider insights give you the advantage against 10K+ applicants.

This membership is changing the way nurses look at their career possibilities.

Many remote nurses start off making more money than their bedside nursing jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which jobs I can apply to?

Each listing will contain Jess's recommendations for the qualifications you should possess to apply for each job. Most jobs just require a specific license/residency and 2-3 years of bedside experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special experience or certifications?

No. All of the jobs listed will be open to nurses with only bedside experience, not specialized experience or certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are jobs categorized?

Jobs are categorized by "Nationwide", "Compact License" and state specific. There will always be jobs listed under "Nationwide" so there will always be opportunities for you to apply to.

Because your nursing specialty is less important in the remote nursing world, the focus is on jobs available to a wide range of candidates, not specific specialties. This is the best approach and being too specific in your search by limiting by your specialty is one of the main reasons nurses fail in their remote job search.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are new jobs posted?

New jobs are posted daily Monday - Friday. Listings are not updated on weekends or holidays.

Want to know more?

Landing a remote job without hours spent searching and writing resumes is now possible

  • Apply to as many jobs as you want. No cap on downloads or access.
  • New listings are updated daily so you always have a fresh opportunity
  • Take the guesswork out of whether you should apply by accessing Jess's industry knowledge 
  • Gain access to all the "hacks" that have landed jobs for hundreds of nurses without the high cost of 1:1 mentorship
  • No more stressing over writing resumes and hoping you're doing it correctly
  • See results FAST
  • No commitment. Cancel any time.
Ready to ditch your bedside job and work from home?












  • You'll have unlimited access to the best remote nursing jobs PLUS the perfect resume for each one PLUS Jess's hacks for landing each role
  • For less than the cost of most resume pakages, you'll have unlimited access to jobs and resumes that ACTUALLY WORK to land interviews
  • ZERO commitment. No contracts. Our goal is for you to land your job as quickly as possible, so you're not locked into a long-term commitment. Cancel anytime

Plus this...

When you enroll, you'll also get access to this bonus:


Comprehensive Interview Prep

You'll also receive access to Jess's comprehensive interview preparation program - including courses for both recruiter and hiring manager interviews.

The courses cover:

✨How to convey amazing presence to your interviewers

✨How to answer the most frequently asked questions in a remote nursing interview

✨How to recover from a fumble (and still land the job)

✨How to negotiate your salary (without getting your offer rescinded)

✨The number one thing you should NEVER say in an interview



 Access to Jess's

Six Figure Side Hustle Masterclass


As a FREE bonus, you'll have access to Jess's masterclass on starting your own online business selling digital products exactly like hers. This incredible masterclass covers:

How Jess got started selling online products

✨How to identify your niche and select what product to sell

✨How to market your products on social media

✨The key to making your income passive so you can get back your time and freedom

 ✨Frequently asked questions when starting an online business


Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Jess


As a remote nursing career specialist, I know exactly how frustrating it can be to pour hours into your remote job search and not receive so much as 1 interview. It's this complaint I hear from so many nurses that led me to create this membership.

This membership gives you access to the remote jobs that I KNOW hire nurses straight from bedside with no direct experience in the role.

The resumes are customized unique and specific to each job listing, which is the ONLY way to land interviews for these jobs.

Remote nursing resume templates don't work. I tried them all. I have spent hours applying and researching this exact method and have perfected the art of landing remote jobs for nurses.

My passion is to make sure every nurse who wants to escape the toxic hospital environment is able to transition into a role working remotely where they are respected for the immense value they provide that comes from their experience working bedside.

This membership is the perfect solution for those who want access to the knowledge, tips, hacks and resume expertise I've developed in my 1:1 practice without the price tag that comes with 1:1 mentorship

Your 3 step roadmap

1. Join the membership

Get notified when Success Stat opens again for enrollment.

2. Browse the remote jobs I have selected and download the resume

These jobs are curated based on my experience working 1:1 with nurses to get them remote jobs fast

3. Fill in your info & submit your app

Adding your personal contact info & work history is quick, simple and takes less than 5 minutes. You'll then submit your application and get ready for that "You've been selected" email 😍


Jessica, previous 1:1 client

"You won't find a more knowledgable person than Jess when it comes to remote nursing. She has the experience, knowledge and insight that others don't because she actually APPLIES to these jobs HERSELF. You can tell you really cares about your success."

Ready to break free from the stress of bedside?

One choice to invest in yourself could change the entire trajectory of your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Real talk

The remote nursing world gets more and more competitive each day. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get in. 

This is the best possible opportunity for you to transition into working from home as a nurse.

Here's how my life changed when I left bedside:
  • I no longer needed antidepressants
  • I stopped impulsively eating and spending money, leading me to lose 50 lb and save up enough money to pay off my debt and put a down payment on our home
  • I became a better mother and friend because I was no longer always anxious and on edge
  • I had the energy to pursue other things in my life that I had put on hold, like starting my business
Ready to do this?


$179/ month


Questions about the membership not covered on this page?

email: [email protected]

Email us


No representation is made that the results experienced and showcased are typical. You will need to put in the work to fill out the applications and plug your information into the resumes. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with any of our products or services. All references and examples used on this website are real and documented but are strictly for example purposes. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience and work ethic and ability to put in consistent effort to apply for the jobs listed. If you're unwilling to accept this, please do not purchase this program. 


Please see our no refund policy and cancellation policy here: