Remote Hacks

I hacked the remote nursing job application system and developed this PROVEN mentod to land a remote nursing job FAST (sometimes under 14 days!) amongst 10k applicants 
(without prior remote experience or special certifications!)
Less work. Less time. Faster results.
“I’ve been applying over and over again and I never hear back”
“I sent out over 300 applications and never got a single interview”
“I’m ready to give up because it seems impossible to get these jobs”

It's not you. It's how you're applying. 

I have PERSONALLY submitted over 10,000 applications for remote nursing positions.
I know what works, AND
I know the most common mistakes nurses make that rule them out for these jobs.
REMOTE HACKS is hyperfocused on taking you from bedside 👉🏼 starting your remote job in under 30 days ***
No special certifications, training or education necessary.

This is for you....

🔥 If you’ve been applying relentlessly and never getting a call
🔥 If you want to skip the endless apps with no results and instead use the fastest, most effective method to successfully land a remote job
🔥 If you’re ready to prioritize your mental health and quality of life and regain your excitement for life

“Thank you so much for showing me what’s possible! I used this method and start my remote job March 6! Thank you again for helping those of us who are desperate for this change.”


Remote Hacks

My 5 hacks that have successfully helped hundreds of nurses land jobs working from home
my ATS optimized resume template to give you a perfect canvas for applying.
Imagine in 30 days, you could experience...


More time with the people you love in a job that offers you flexibility


A nervous system that's healed and calm, without experiencing pre shift anxiety


Regaining your happiness, sparkle & excitement for life


Regaining the energy to live the life you envisioned for yourself 

Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to land a remote job

Module 1:

Hiring-specific insights for all the major companies hiring remote nurses, which areas to avoid, and market predictions for 2023


Module 2: 

My go-to companies that I KNOW hire nurses with zero remote experience (and which jobs they’re hiring for the most right now)


Module 3: 

How to filter through thousands of jobs to find the ones you’re most likely to get a call from based on your license, where you live and your experience

Module 4:

The fastest, most effective way to make a resume that beats out 10K other nurses (even if you have no experience in the job you're applying to!)

Module 5: 

Setting it to auto-pilot so it takes 5 minutes or less to apply and get an interview fast!

How does this sound?

In 30 days....

  • No more pre shift anxiety
  • No more missing seeing your family 
  • No more using antidepressants to mask and numb you to the realities of your job
  • No more abuse from patients and family members being tolerated by administration 
  • No more hospital politics
  • No more whiteboards
  • No more HCAHPS
  • No more mean girl bullies making your work environment a living hell


ATS resume template

My exact ATS optimized resume template that I use as the foundation for every resume I create. This template is perfectly formatted to ensure you’re the candidate they call for the interview.

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Jess

In 2020 I left the bedside to work from home and have been working remotely ever since. My passion for caring for patients evolved into a passion for caring for nurses who are stuck in toxic bedside positions.

Having experienced the realities of bedside nursing myself for 8 years, then feeling the financial, mental, and emotional freedom that came from pivoting my career out of the hospital, I felt inspired to empower nurses to make this move for themselves.

I hope to inspire those who feel hopeless in their current position to explore other opportunities that exist for them.

I hope to educate and share insight on how nurses can empower themselves to get outside the box of bedside nursing and into new roles that serve them and fulfill their desire to help others using the skills they already have.

Nurses deserve to work in roles that honor, respect and compensate them for the immense value they provide.
By enabling those in my profession to switch to jobs that do this, I hope to inspire them to create a life they love.

Nurses are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and have many opportunities to monetize those skills that don't involve bedside nursing.

Ready to start living the soft life?

Remote Hacks


one time payment!

  • 5 modules covering my top 5 hacks to landing a remote job in under 30 days
  • ATS optimized resume template to make applications super simple
  • Lifetime Access

“Used your method and now have 3 interviews lined up for next week. Before this I had been applying for over a year and never heard anything. This really works and you can use me as a reference for anyone looking into this.”


Are you ready to get your remote nursing job and leave bedside behind?